Friday, May 20, 2011

Take a tour around a light-filled Victorian house


A jumble of rooms in a 4-bedroom Victorian house in north-west London has been transformed into a modern space full of cunning tricks.



The first glimpse into the owners' world is through the fish tank, which brings light into the entrance. The original narrow hallway has been removed to win back square-footage for the living room. The fussy Victorian balustrade, meanwhile, has been replaced with a solid wall, which lends itself better to the simple, clean lines of the space.


Media storage

Bespoke shelving keeps their music collection organised. It incorporates cupboards with screens made from the same material used to cover Marshall amplifiers, which allows the transmission of infrared, enabling the couple to keep gadgets such as the DVD player hidden. This room has often been transformed into their very own nightclub!


Living room

On the other side of the inventive fish tank room divider, simple furniture and a neutral colour palette allow all quirky features to take centre stage.


Dining room

The dining room floor is laid with easy-to-maintain porcelain tiles. The white walls and outdoor units (which feature the same worktop as the kitchen units) bring an architectural feel to the space, adding to the illusion that there is another ‘room’ outside.


Garden decking area

The garden was raised to link with the kitchen floor. As this space is small,  it's designed all the fixed furniture (the benches and planters) at an angle to create a false perspective, drawing the eye to a vanishing point and so making the space appear bigger.



Clever storage means the bedroom is calm and clutter-free. The whole of one wall is taken up with floor-to-ceiling cupboards, housing everything from shoes to a flatscreen TV.

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