Sunday, May 22, 2011

Take a tour around a Brighton renovation

Living room

The living room is the owners' happy hub – they trawled junk shops and flea markets to find the stone bust, the dresser and artworks. Other eclectic pieces like the studded Chesterfield sofa, the feather fans and oversized candlesticks, add glamour. 


Home office

The owners decided to create a home office next to the living room, so that one of them can be working and the other watching TV, but they can still chat to each other. It’s a really lovely, adult space. 


Dining room

The dining area, at the far end of the living room, is furnished with mid-century pieces, graphic art and sleek lamps for relaxed, modern vibe. The owners removed all the partitions and fittings to create a large family room that was filled with sunlight.



The central kitchen island unit is a reclaimed piece in disguise. It was an old cupboard, badly beaten up, but a lick of paint and a lot of love worked miracles. 


Kitchen storage

Classic, traditional units blend with clever one-off wonders, like these blackboard-paint vegetable drawers. The units are made from an old dresser and together form a kitchen with bags of history!



Jewel-coloured bedlinen and a luxurious armchair give the master bedroom glamorous feel. The gallery above the bed features pictures of their families' generations. Salvaged doors make an unusual, and beautiful,  headboard.


Bedroom storage

Storage boxes, piled high in a multitude of colours, add to the eclectic feel in the bedroom. An oversized mirror adds grandeur.



This bathroom was designed to be functional but inviting. These gorgeous tiles give a cool, seaside feel to the space and contrast beautifully with 1960-style mismatched mirrors and  the classic-style his-and-her sinks below.


Children's room

This simple, light-filled girl's bedroom has an Arts and Crafts feel with lovely antique pieces alongside fun items, like the dog lights, the rocking sheep and the pretty ball lights round a salvaged mirror.

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