Friday, April 8, 2011

How to plan the perfect kids' room

Set aside a study area

Older children soon need a separate place to do homework, and adding a plain white desk and chair instantly turns a corner of a simply decorated room into a study zone. Make sure there's adequate lighting to avoid eye strain. 


Create a hideaway

A child's room needs a focus - something special that they are proud to show off to their friends. Hanging a curtain across the side of a bed is a great way to transform it into a cosy den in the the daytime. 


Add monochrome impact

Research shows that babies love striking patterns and black-and-white nurseries are where it's at. The added bonus to a monochrome children's room is that it can be dressed up or down with colourful accessories and patterns, and is a cool colour scheme for teens as well as tots. 


Fit hidden storage

Plenty of bed designs now come with divan storage - indispensible at any age, but particularly useful if the room doesn't have space for a chest of drawers. And if your child is ready for sleepovers, consider a bed that conceals a slide-out truckle bed underneath.


Go for bold colour

Instead of Barbie pink, pick a more sophisticated shade, complemented by a graphic pattern, such as the curtains shown here. A scheme like this makes good financial sense too as it will last from toddler to teens.


Opt for illustrated blinds

For a cool, calming and streamlined children's room keep pictures on the wall to a minimum and try bold patterned and printed blinds instead. You could also choose a picture of your choice and get it printed onto the blinds.


Choose creative lighting

As an alternative to a night light or bedside lamp, a trail of fairy lights attached to a wall or bedstead provides a reasuring glow and still looks stylish for an older child. Always choose LEDs as they're cool to the touch.


Create a calming mural

Blues and greens are considered good colours for bedroom walls as they are soothing shades. A calming mural can provide the perfect backdrop to help a child's imagination soar, while age-appropriate accessories stop the room from looking too sterile.  


Mix a patchwork of colour and texture

Not everything has to be matchy-matchy - encourage an electric look with a mix of fabrics and shades. Team florals, with spots and stripes, and mixture of shades of the same colour so it doesn't look messy. 

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